STAR WARS Fan Predicted the Big Palpatine Twist in THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Years Ago


After watching The Rise of Skywalker, one of the main things I noticed is that J.J. Abrams flooded the film with fan service and even included story elements that the fans were discussing online.

One of the big reveals in the film, which was discussed by fans prior to the movie being released, was that Rey was related to Palpatine. More specifically, she is his granddaughter. Palpatine’s grand plan was to bring Rey to Exegol to have her inherit the throne as Empress Palpatine, the ultimate Sith and rule over the galaxy.

Well, back in 2017, long before The Last Jedi was released, a video was published by Nerd Soup titled, “Rey Palpatine Theory.” It’s a very interesting watch and points out some things I never really noticed before. For example, it points out that Rey wields her lightsaber hilt with both hands and jabs at Ren in horizontal stabbing motions. This is very similar to the way Palpatine attacks with his lightsaber in George Lucas’s Revenge of the Sith.

Also, the video notes that Rey’s Dark Side lineage is teased through the anger she displays throughout the films. One of the other interesting aspects pointed out is the similarities in John Williams’s musical themes for Palpatine and Rey.

While referencing Legends comic book saga Dark Empire, the video also theorizes that Palpatine survived his death in Return of the Jedi by transferring his consciousness into cloned bodies. The Rise of Skywalker completely sidesteps giving us that explanation, but this makes sense.

Watch the full video below with all of the details and let us know what you think!


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