STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Rumor Details What Rey Has to Suffer With Luke on the Island of Ahch-To


These recent details offer us some insight into not only Rey’s stay on the island, but also offer some strange info on Luke and the creatures that he’s sharing the island with. That’s right, apparently Luke isn’t alone on Ahch-To, and these inhabitants aren’t a fan of Rey showing up. 

The creatures are called “puffins,” and they are apparently designed after the actual inhabitants of the island of Skellig Michael, which is the actual island where the Ahch-To scenes are being shot. According to the report, the creatures have “razor sharp teeth and are a mixture of the terrifying and the adorable. They’re sort of like a bird mixed with a Gremlin.” They’re supposed to be about 15 inches tall, and puppets were made to bring them to life on the set of the film. 

These creatures are the protectors of the island. They have befriended Luke, and he has their permission to stay with them. What makes this whole thing hard to believe is the fact that when Rey showed up in The Force Awakens and hiked all the way up the island to find Luke, there was no sign of these things. 

Anyway, Rey doesn’t have permission to be on the island, and at some point while she’s there she has to battle a sea monster. The site explains, “Rey has a sequence on Ahch-To where she fights a rather large sea monster (we have also heard she wears a black cloak during this sequence over the costume we described before). It has been suggested but not confirmed that Rey’s besting of the sea monster grants her permission to be at the sacred location by the “puffins.” However, the sequences could be totally unrelated.”

I little skeptical about a lot of this stuff, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s true and what’s not once we start seeing some actual footage from the film. What do you think of the latest rumor?  


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