SOLO Writer Jon Kasdan Says a Sequel is Unlikely To Happen at Disney+

Solo: A Star Wars Story actually ended up being a surprisingly great movie. At least I thought that it was. I’m sure not everyone will share my enthusiasm for the film. Regardless, there are a lot of fans who did like the film and have been hoping to see a sequel, especially with the way it ended with the big Darth Maul reveal! That opened up a whole new interesting world of story possibilities!

The movie ended up not doing as well at the box office as Disney and Lucasfilm would have hoped. After the movie was released, the studios started to change up their Star Wars movie strategy. It was at this point fans knew that a Solo sequel was unlikely to happen. However, when Disney+ launched, a lot of fans saw an opportunity for that sequel to happen! Unfortunately, according to Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan, a sequel is still unlikely to happen at Disney+.

When a fan reached out to Kasdan and asked about the possibility of a sequel, he responded with:

“Don’t think anyone’s pursuing a Solo sequel at the moment. I think a feature, at this point, would be a tough sell & the D+ Star Wars slate is really…pretty packed, all shows I’m lookin forward to. My work on Indy is long over but I’m excited there’s forward movement!”

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