Ronald D. Moore Developing a Magic Kingdom TV Universe For Disney+ Starting With THE SOCIETY OF EXPLORERS AND ADVENTURERS

The creator behind the Battlestar Galactica reboot series, Ronald D. Moore, is currently developing multiple TV projects at Disney+ that will make up a universe set in Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme parks.

The first project that will be released in this Magic Kingdom universe will be a show titled The Society of Explorers and Adventurers, which Moore will write and executive produce.

The series is loosely based on “the fiction organization of the same name that is part of the Disney theme parks. In the show, the themed lands and characters of the Disney parks and classic films all actually exist in another reality.”

Moore is also working with the Disney Imagineering Team on some of these projects which will all interconnect with each other in the same way Disney has been playing with the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

About ten years ago Jon Favreau was developing a Magic Kingdom film which was said to be an epic family adventure set in the Disneyland theme park with the possibility of connecting to other parks worldwide. A couple of years before that film project was announced Moore wrote a script based on his own idea for the project, but at the time Disney wanted to take it in a different direction.

Well, nothing ever happened with Favreau’s project and now Disney is going back to Moore and letting him play around in the Magic Kingdom universe. It’s kinda funny how things work out. Moore has been wanting to do this for a long time and Dinsey is finally giving him the keys to the Kingdom.

Some of Moore’s most recent projects include the alternative history space race drama For All Mankind at Apple and Outlander at Starz.

What do you all think about Moore diving into the Magic Kingdom with several shows that will connect and crossover with each other? I’m curious to see how this turns out!

Source: Variety

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