Ron Howard Confirms There Are No Plans for a Sequel to SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY


Solo: A Star Wars Story actually ended up being one of the best films to come out of Lucasfilm since it was bought by Disney. I loved the movie, and it actually has a pretty big fanbase that has been hoping to one day see a sequel to continue the adventures of these characters.

Well, according to director Ron Howard, there are no plans for a sequel. During a recent appearance on Radio Andy on Sirius XM, the filmmaker confirmed this saying:

“Well, there’s no sequel planned now. It’s amazing to be a part of a Star Wars movie that seems to be a kind of underground hit, which is not what you’d expect, but that’s been an odd, strange journey for that movie.”

Now, while there is no direct sequel in the works, there have been reports that threads of the film will continue to be built on in some live-action Star Wars Disney+ shows. There have been reports regarding a Darth Maul series that is set after the events of Solo, as well as a Lando Calrissian series with Donald Glover possibly reprising his role. These shows could open the door for Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo, Emilia Clarke’s Qui’Ra, and Joonas Suotamo’s Chewbacca, to return.

As of right now, all of these reports are just rumors, but a lot of fans would love to see these shows happen. Solo set up a lot of cool and interesting stuff for the story to continue, especially with Darth Maul’s involvement, so I hope that one day we will be able to continue to see how that story plays out.


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