Rian Johnson Says Lucasfilm is Still Figuring Out Their STAR WARS Schedule and Game Plan

Rian Johnson has confirmed several times that he is still working on a new Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm. What we don’t know is when that movie will actually go into development and be released. Johnson recently completed his fun-looking murder mystery film Knives Out, and it looks like there’s a chance he may be able to make another movie before jumping back into Star Wars because Lucasfilm is still trying to figure things out with the franchise!

During a recent interview with Standard, Johnson says the scheduling for his next Star Wars project is still up in the air:

“The truth is [Lucasfilm is] still figuring out their schedule, their game plan, so if it’s possible for me to squeeze in another film before or while working on that, I will.”

Hey, if Johnson can squeeze in another fun and original film before directing his new Star Wars movie… awesome! I’ve enjoyed the original films that he’s made! All of them have told very unique and great stories. While I know some fans don’t want to see Johnson direct another Star Wars film, I’m actually excited and curious to see what he has in store for the new story, which will be set in another corner of the Star Wars galaxy. The fact that it won’t deal with anything from the Skywalker saga intrigues me.

It’s funny, the polarization that The Last Jedi caused actually is what influenced the story he wanted to tell for Knives Out. He explains:

“All of us, we’re caught up in this swirling mass of anger. That polarization, which is so much a part of 2019, that’s what I wanted to put on screen, so we can laugh at it.”

Well, from the sound of it he succeeded in what he set out to do because the film is getting great reviews. Anyway, it doesn’t seem like Johnson is going to be diving back into the Star Wars universe anytime in the immediate future.

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