Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords might be my favorite video game of all time. I have so many fond memories of playing it at my house growing up when my brother-in-law brought his Xbox and the game over for Christmas and I spent hours playing it. Yes, it has its problems. However, I still love it. It has a slightly more polished feel to the original Knights of the Old Republic (with the story being the exception) and Obsidian did an amazing job (if only they had been able to finish the story and not have it rushed out for holidays). Well, Aspyr recently launched the game for mobile devices and were kind enough to supply me with a code for me to review on Android. You can purchase the game now for Android and iOS.

Before I get very far into my review, I feel I need to address something. The Restored Content Mod. As the name suggests, this is an unofficial modification of the game that adds back a lot of content that was removed from the finished game when it was rushed out for a holiday release. Many fans, myself included, love playing the game with this mod. This release does not officially add the mod. I have found a link to install the mod yourself, but you do so at your own risk and for me, it caused my game to always crash during a conversation on Peragus and therefore unplayable. I had to remove the mod and play the game without it. I tested the game on two phones (Pixel 2 and OnePlus 7T) and got the same result.

Now, can I actually talk about how the game fares? It is fabulous. I didn’t have any problems with the game in my experience that isn’t already present in the PC version. The cloud saves are absolutely amazing since I do have two devices I can and do play games on. The touch controls aren’t my favorite as I often felt my finger was a little too fat, but that is definitely more of a subjective matter and not objective. If you love KOTOR II and want to play it on your phone and/or tablet, this is as perfect as you can get.

I do have one small complaint about the game. This port appears to be designed to work fine on Chromebooks. I installed it on my Chromebook with no problem. Unfortunately, I cannot play the game on my Chromebook. It gives me the splash screen for the game and then immediately crashes. I don’t even get the animations for the companies. Now, this is not a big deal as the game is more intended for phones and tablets, but it is a bit of a bummer.

There’s not much to talk about since this is a port. I have had no problems with the official release and if you love KOTOR, you’ll love this. Also, if they remade this game with new graphics, the story we were supposed to get, and updated mechanics, I would 100% pre-order it. These are games that deserve to be remade in glory.


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