Review: FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Is an Amazing Anthology Book of Short Stories


Del Rey recently released From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back. This book is an anthology of short stories from a wide range of authors including Jim Zub, Hank Green, and Martha Wells. You can purchase the book now from your favorite retailers for roughly $35, and fans of Star Wars will not be disappointed.

The stories covered in this book are about various background characters, and it’s awesome to see these different perspectives and different stories. For example, “Kendal” by Charles Yu tells the story of Admiral Ozzel as he’s being choked by Darth Vader, and we get to read his final thoughts as this is happening. Meanwhile, Green’s “A Naturalist on Hoth” explores more of how the Rebels ended up building Echo Base on Hoth and how an individual felt about what they were seeing in this war, how they ended up working with the Rebels and what happened to them after Echo Base. It’s really fascinating to read these accounts.

The stories vary greatly in their length, style, character, and author. This is what makes Star Wars so great. The diversity of its characters, creators, and fans. From a Certain Point of View; The Empire Strikes Back helps to highlight that for us once again.

I also want to mention that buying this book also does good for the world. All 40 contributors have agreed to forego their compensation and instead have their proceeds go to First Book, a nonprofit providing books and learning supplies to those in need. Penguin Random House has also donated $100,000 and Disney/Lucasfilm are donating 100,000 children’s books (valued at $1 million).

There are a total of 40 stories in this book, and I haven’t read them all, but the ones that I have I absolutely love. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life this holiday season, this is a great pick up. I definitely recommend this book.


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