Review: Climb Back into the Pilot's Seat With SHADOW FALL (STAR WARS)


The main issue with the book was its direction. With jumping between characters, perspectives, and a somewhat meaningful main plot, I found the story to be a little aimless. All the character interactions and action scenes were great, but what purpose did they serve? I think a bit more clarification on what was happening, why it was happening, and when perspectives changed would have been very helpful. Also, the ending might have pleased in certain ways, but it will also feel like a silly change of course for the book and characters after all the time spent on certain endeavors. It would be like opening and blowing up a beach ball for twenty minutes to just pop it after throwing it around for a day, so much time was spent on it and then it is just thrown away. This ending isn’t totally out of the left-field, but it just felt odd.

As a side note, the book has some ties with the new Star Wars: Squadrons game. With some characters being in both and honestly, similar plots, It wouldn’t be surprising to see some familiar faces from the book appearing in the game.

I highly recommend reading the first book in the Alphabet Squadron series or else you’ll miss a lot and many of the major plot points will have far less impact if you don’t read it (or not make too much sense). Check out both books and let us know what you thought or if you’re excited to read them. If Episode 9 was disappointing to you (as it was for most) and you’re just waiting for Season 2 of The Mandalorian, check out this series, it is a great story and, for the most part, a good read.


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