OpenCritic Just Took A Stand Against Loot Boxes, And It's A Good Thing


Reading that Twitter thread and seeing how complicated of a process this will be is really telling as to how this problem has gotten out of hand. For example, OpenCritic is looking into grading the in-game viability of the loot box (cosmetic vs. valuable in-game items), how long it takes to unlock all the content if one were to do it without loot boxes, and how many times a player is reminded in game they can go and buy stuff FOR A CHANCE at something cool. 

The issue is there is no universal standard for loot box DLC, and the longer it goes unchecked, the more gaming companies will attempt to hose consumers in any way they see fit. In an era where paying $60 for the “base game” and then an additional $15-$35 for all the content that was developed at launch…everyone in the gaming community should be up in arms about this.

If you aren’t someone who frequently gripes about it to game companies yet you’re sitting here wondering why both Middle Earth: Shadow Of War and Star Wars Battlefront 2 are both currently plagued by insane loot box options…here’s your sign. 

Unfortunately, none of this will stop until either gamers stop purcahasing said content and cease making it worth the effort or government legislation is introduced to prevent this ridiculous practice (which is essentially gambling for kids) continue. Considering gamers have sworn since Halo 2 they wouldn’t be buying DLC and we’re at where we are today…it’s going to take some action by Congress to force gaming companies to do the right thing. 

My advice would be to tweet/email/FB message your congressman and alert him/her to the unfair practices of loot boxes and how the system is victimizing the young children of our world and exposing them to gambling at an early age…that’ll ruffle some feathers. 

You could also just do nothing and let all future titles become further muddled with loot boxes and gripe on the Internet…your call. 

Source: Ars Technica


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