New TV Spot For STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – "Destiny"


Here’s a new TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi that aired during the World Series over the weekend. It’s just a little spot to keep the excitement of the fans peaked. There have been rumors that we’ll see one more full trailer before the movie is released, but that has yet to be confirmed. I’m already sold, and so are a lot of the other fans, so I think it will; be fine if we don’t see any more new footage of the film. Of course, if there is new footage released, I have to watch it! 

When talking about the film with USA Today, director Rian Johnson explained that this next chapter of the saga is going to be hard one for the characters:

“When I first read the script of The Force Awakens, I was like, ‘I feel like I know these characters instantly.’ And now we get to kind of put them through a meat grinder. And for me, part of that meant that we had to make things as hard on each of them as possible: At least part of the movie, they don’t have their friends around. They’ve got to figure things out for themselves. They’ve got to be faced with whatever the toughest thing each of them can be faced with, and they’re not going to have their buddy there next to them to get them out of it, necessarily.”

Star War: The Last Jedi is set to be released on December 15th.


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