New Photos and Details For Netflix's Original Robot Anime Series EDEN

Netflix has offered us our first look at their new original Japanese anime series called Eden. Netflix has produced some great anime shows over the years, and this one looks and sounds like it’s going to be great. On top of two photos that have been shared, we also have new story details thanks to Variety, and it focuses on a world inhabited by robots:

Set in a far off future and a world which has been inhabited by robots for centuries, their human creators having gone extinct long ago, most of the robots of the mechanical metropolis Eden 3 don’t even believe humans ever actually existed. Most consider them as creatures of myth.

On an otherwise normal day, two ordinary farming robots heading to the fields stumble across a cryogenic pod containing a young human girl. In a world that is definitively not ready for human reintegration, the two secretly raise Sara into young adulthood, opposed along the way by the horrifyingly ominous-looking Zero and his army of black and red robot soldiers.

Series creator and Qubic Pictures CEO and producer Justin Leach first came up with the idea for this project 20 years ago and as he was slowly developing it he was also working on projects like Ghost in the Shell, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Ice Age. He eventually was presented with the opportunity to bring his story to life.

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