New Info on How Emperor Palpatine Came Back and Built His Star Destroyer Fleet in THE RISE OF SKYWALKER


There were a lot of questions regarding Emperor Palpatine’s return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and how in the hell he had a fleet of massive Star Destroyers ready to go to terrorize and rule over the galaxy. The movie didn’t give us any answers to these questions, but thanks to a new book titled The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, we now have some answers to those questions!

The film did tease that Palpatine had some help from an army of mysterious, hooded followers. The book reveals that these followers are known as the Sith Eternal. It’s explained that their “devotion is what brought them to Exegol in order to revive Palpatine.” It’s this group that was able to bring Palpatine back through the use of “technology and the occult.” It took the Sith Eternal decades to bring him back, and they were also Building the Final Order’s massive fleet of Star Destroyers.

The book confirms that the Sith Eternal didn’t use the old Star Destroyers from the past. The Destroyers in the film that were equipped with the planet-obliterating laser canons were all brand new. These new ships are called the Xyston-class Star Destroyer and they were built by shipwrights, engineers, and slaves under the rule of the Sith Eternal on Exegol.

Apparently, the Sith Eternal are made up of some prominent members who served on the boards of Sienar-Jaemus and Kuat-Entralla shipyards, which helped make this all possible. Through their power and influence, the Sith Eternal “were able to have parts smuggled to Exegol secretly in order to construct the fleet.”

As for the crews who filled these Star Destroyers, they were made up of children from the Sith Eternal. These children were raised to devote their lives to the Final Order. These include the Sith Troopers who appeared in the movie.

There are so many interesting stories within this whole untold aspect of the film that could be told! There is over 30 years worth of time to cover and explore as they revived Palpatine and assembled the Final Order fleet.

The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary was written by Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo, and it’s nice to have some kind of clarity on how Palpatine came back and his plan came together. I still have questions, but there are some answers here.

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