New Details Revealed for the STAR WARS: SQUADRONS Video Game


It looks like EA has learned from the catastrophe that was the Battlefront II launch. In a recent blog post, some details were laid out for Star Wars: Squadrons including the fact that the game will be “a self-contained game, where all progression, unlocks and rewards are earned solely through play.” This should help ease the minds of several gamers out there. We then learn that the game is built upon three core pillars: Challenges, Operations, and your Level. Each of these pillars will provide opportunities for players to earn the in-game currency Glory, which will be used for unlocking cosmetics. Meanwhile, Requisition, another in-game currency for acquiring ship components, is obtained as you gain EXP and level up.

There are two types of challenges: Daily and Operation. Both types of Challenges are timed and feature rotating objectives. Daily Challenges tend to be simpler and push players to try new things with Glory being your main reward. Operation Challenges are tied to ongoing Operations and will usually reward you with unique cosmetics.

The second pillar, Operations are 8-week cycles and serve as the Ranked system of play. At the end of each Operation, a player’s Fleet Battles rank will reset. Here’s the rank breakdowns (low-high): Maverick, Hotshot, Hero, Valiant, Legend, Galactic Ace. Thomas Mir explained:

Operations are our take on competitive play through a ranked ladder system that resets every 8 weeks—a way for our players to test their skills and teamwork capabilities in our more strategic mode: Fleet Battles.

The system is built to encourage players to improvement their skills without being overly punishing if you run into some bad luck:

Players are protected from demotion into lower divisions for the length of an active Operation. (EA Editor’s note: This means you cannot drop from Legend to Valiant but you can drop from Legend III to Legend II.)

At the end of the Operation, players receive Glory based on the maximum Rank achieved rather than their current Rank. This is to push pilots to go as far as they can!

Players also get exclusive helmets upon reaching the Valiant, Legend, and Galactic Ace Ranks for the first time. These are the same across all Operations, so if you didn’t manage to get the ones you wanted during your first Operation, you can still get them in the upcoming ones.

Finally, Levels. As you level up to level 40, you’ll gain enough Requisition to purchase all components. The idea is that level isn’t tied to power, but more options. That’s not a terrible idea.

Squadrons will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 2.


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