New Character and Location Details For STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN Revealed


Next week, Chicago is holding its Star Wars Celebration, where fans are expecting to get our first look at the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. We have had little info on the series so far, but rumors are flying, and we got some info from a reliable source this week via Reddit user JediPaxis about some location and character details.

I also read that the series has already been renewed for a second season! But, rumors. So we will see what pans out to be true. Here’s what JediPaxis had to say:


  • Tatooine is a main location of the show and where many of the leaked set photos take place.

  • My source is aware of at least one more location in the show that conceptually looks “like a mix between Endor and Kashyyyk.” The name of this location is currently unknown to me.


  • IG-88

    • As many people have speculated, the assassin droid previously pictured in Jon Favreau‘s social media is believed to be IG-88 by my source. In addition to this, the droid is believed to be a main character and a sidekick/partner of sorts to the Mandalorian.

  • Bossk

  • Dengar

    • According to my source, his appearance may or may not be “different.”

    • Moderator’s Note: My source said he didn’t see scars on Dengar, although this could mean that the makeup was not yet applied. I don’t know at what stage of the development process Dengar was seen in.

  • Zuckuss

  • Apparently, no 4-LOM

    • Moderator’s note: I’m not going to go so far as to say that he’s definitively not in the show, but if he does appear, my source is unaware of it.

  • Gina Carano‘s character:

    • Her plot line is said to be heavily intertwined with the Mandalorian’s.

    • Her hair is long and dark.

    • She’s shown in concept art on the forested planet.

  • No main OT characters (e.g., Han, Luke, Leia, etc.) in the show’s first season.



  • The Mandalorian’s gear gets some upgrades throughout the course of the show

    • Moderator’s note: This particular bit of information is something that I’ve heard from multiple sources over time.

    • The new armor is more uniform in color than what we can see in the initial teaser image, and mostly silver (similar to the helmet in the image).

  • The little armor that Gina Carano’s character wears is dark gray in color with a turquoise belt and gauntlets.

  • A Mandalorian blacksmith is featured in the show.

  • Various background characters use cobbled together stormtrooper parts for armor – a helmer here, a gauntlet there, etc.

    • Moderator’s note: Speaking of reused armor, it was recently pointed out to me that the Mandalorian’s right shoulder pad is that of a Scarif shore trooper (or at the very least, very similar in shape, size and color). I don’t think this is anything revealing or significant, just a fun little tidbit.


  • My source has seen concept art of the Mandalorian on an in-flight TIE fighter, blasting at one of the wings with his flamethrower.

  • An interesting droid appears on the forested planet

    • The head is of a R4 astromech with an antennae. The R4 head is attached to a very small, non-astromech body, standing on long, thin, inverted legs with bird-like feet, and two small arms shown holding a tray. Mounted to the the back of the small body is a bucket. The droid appears to be quite tall (at least average human heigh, perhaps even taller). There are some similarities to this image that Making Star Wars put out a while back, but the shape and specifics are different.

Interesting, I say as I maniacally tap my fingers together and/or stroke my invisible beard. Many things to consider and theorize on. I’m sure we will have a lot more concrete info a week from now. Until then, what do you think about all the info we shared? What do you think/hope to be true?


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