My First Impression of DISINTEGRATION After the Technical Beta


Disintegration is an upcoming game from the co-creators of Halo and it’s pretty awesome. V1 Interactive invited me to try out the Closed Technical Beta for the new game and I’ve got some thoughts that I think you guys might appreciate. This game is an interesting blend of tactical strategy and first-person shooter. It actually reminds me a little of the gameplay for Star Wars: Republic Commando, but more sophisticated.

The combination of gameplay gives Disintegration a unique feel and a unique difficulty. You see, you’re not on the ground commanding your squad, you’re in a gravcycle. This lets you take an aerial position which is great for commanding, but you’ve also got to deal with all of your enemies creating a split in attention.

There are a number of factions for you to choose from as well, each with a unique look such as knights, samurai, or even clowns. Every time you spawn, you can choose which faction to be a part of which is where some strategy comes in. Each faction has unique weapons on the gravcycle and abilities for the ground units. It’s pretty cool.

The game has some fun mechanics and while I’m not a fan of the two game modes (a territory control one and a capture the flag-esque one) accessible during the Technical Beta, I am excited to see the campaign and the other online mode.

I also am happy to report that the game looks gorgeous and the only technical problem I had was there was some screen tearing with no way to deal with it. I didn’t have any connectivity problems during my time and everything seemed to work pretty flawlessly.


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