MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Director Christopher McQuarrie Now Seems Open to Directing a STAR WARS Movie


Mission: Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie had expressed interest in directing a Star Wars movie. But after seeing all the crazy backlash that Rian Johnson received after Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released Mcquarrie said he was “cured” of wanting to make a Star Wars film.

The filmmaker said, “I would have loved to make a Star Wars film someday. I’m cured.” He went on to say, “It saddens me, too. I consider myself first and foremost an entertainer. I work for the audience. Tonight I found people I could never work for.” Well, it looks like McQuarrie is open to making a Star Wars film again. He seems to have reconsidered his stance on the matter.

A fan recently reached out to the director on Twitter saying he’d like to see McQuarrie make a Star Wars movie, and McQuarrie responded with, “They know where to find me.” So, he didn’t shut down the idea, in fact, it seemed inviting, like if Lucasfilm came to him, he’d at least be open to talking to them about the possibility of making a Star Wars movie. Maybe the success of The Mandalorian reignited his desire to make one.

Lucasfilm is currently out on the hunt for directors for various Star Wars projects so, who knows, maybe one day they will talk to him about developing a Star Wars project one day. I’d love to see McQuarrie dive into the world of Star Wars someday. I can’t help but think he’d deliver something awesome!

Would you like to see McQuarrie direct a Star Wars project one day?


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