Michael Shannon Turned Down a Big Marvel or Star Wars Movie Role Because It Wasn't Interesting Enough


Michael Shannon is a crazy talented actor who, for the most part, chooses great film projects to be part of. The guy seems like he is the kind of actor that is picky about the films that he will be in. 

Well, during an interview with Fandango, the actor was asked if he had any interest in being in a Star Wars or Marvel movie. Those are two franchises I think it would be pretty cool to see him in, and he revealed that he was actually approached by someone to be in one! He explained that it just wasn’t interesting enough for him, though.

“No, I’m not really looking for that. They called me recently about some iteration – I won’t say – but some version of a movie that’s been made already countless times. They were gonna give me a lot of of money, but I was like nah. Big movie, too. But I have to think it’s an interesting story. If I don’t, I can’t do it. I won’t do it.”

It’s hard to speculate on what the film project could’ve been, but he does say the movie was made countless times, which leads me to believe that it was probably Marvel. I just don’t know what role it could have been. Maybe something for the upcoming Avengers sequels in development. 

I also find it surprising that Shannon said this, because he took on the role of General Zod in Man of Steel. In case you’re wondering what he saw in that character and film that made it interesting for him, he previously said:

“This is one of the biggest stories of all time: the Superman story. Its prevalence is enormous. And I remember watching the original films — the [Richard] Donner films, and Terence Stamp in the role [of Zod], and the three Kryptonians — it scared the crap out of me. It really left an impression on me. Someone asking me to follow in those footsteps seemed like the highest kind of challenge you could have as an actor. And I always like to be challenged.”

I personally didn’t care for Man of Steel. Shannon was fine as Zod, but it was definitely not his best or most interesting role. He obviously saw something in it, though. Regardless of his lack of interest in Marvel and Star Wars, he’s still going to take strong roles in other movies and that’s what’s important. 


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