Mark Hamill Doesn't "Care Anymore" About Coming Back To The STAR WARS Universe


We still have yet to see if Mark Hamill will return to Star Wars: Episode IX as Luke Skywalker in the form of a force ghost, but at this point… the actor doesn’t care anymore if he returns to the series or not. During an interview with ABC News Hamill explained that he doesn’t see the point if you can’t get the gang back together, and with Han, Luke, and Leia all gone there’s no interest in returning. When talking about Carrie Fisher’s passing, Hamill explained: 

“It really has tarnished my ability to enjoy it to its fullest. You were asking earlier, ‘Are you gonna come back?’ I don’t care anymore, on that level. Because Han Solo is gone, Luke is gone. You just can’t get the band back together the way you wanted it to be, and it shouldn’t be that way. It is what it is. Rather than being sorry that we can’t have more of her, I’m just grateful that we had the time with her that we did.”

I can totally see his point of view and it’s hard not to blame him for feeling that way. There’s a good chance that J.J. Abrams will bring him back for Episode IX, but if he doesn’t then The Last Jedi was it for him. We very well may never see Hamill in the role of Luke Skywalker again. 

What do you all think about what Hamill had to say here?


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