Lucasfilm is Reportedly Developing an EWOKS Series For Disney+


As of right now, Lucasfilm is developing a couple of shows for Disney+ that include Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian and Diego Luna‘s Cassian Andor series. We also know that they are working on multiple other projects that have yet to be revealed.

Now according to a new report from Movie Hole, it’s rumored that one of those projects could end up focusing on the Ewoks.

It would make sense to develop an Ewoks series, especially because it would most likely be geared towards kids. A live action Ewoks series could actually be fun! As someone who grew up with the Ewoks, thanks to Return of the Jedi, I’m actually a fan of the idea of an Ewok series.

I know not everyone likes the Ewoks, but if that’s the case then this series isn’t for you. While it would most likely be developed as a kids series, I would also be great to see a show that highlights their cannibalistic side.

As of right now, this series concept is just being discussed at the moment. Nothing has been officially greenlit. The report also says that it’s “unlikely to be part of the first phase of Star Wars shows, which are rumored to kick off around Halloween, but could be part of the second run, rumored to launch in the next 12-18 months.”

This also wouldn’t be the first time Ewoks got their own spinoff. Remember, in 1984, there was a TV movie released called The Ewok Adventure a.k.a. Caravan of Courage. Then in 1985 there was a second one released called Battle for Endor. Then, of course, you can’;t forget the Ewoks animated series that ran for two seasons on ABC.

What do you think about the possibility of seeing a new Ewok series? Are there any stories that you’d like to see explored if it happens?


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