Lucasfilm and Marvel are Reportedly Developing a Secret New Live-Action STAR WARS Series


On top of The Mandalorian, we know that Lucasfilm is developing a Rogue One prequel series following the character Cassian Andor, and another series that will focus on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s time on Tatooine. It’s safe to say that these aren’t the only Star Wars shows that are being produced for Disney+.

Making Star Wars editor and known Star Wars news scooper Jason Ward recently spoke with Inverse about the franchise and he told them that “a new Star Wars show is starting now that nobody even knows.” He went on to reveal that the show will revolve around Doctor Aphra, a character who was introduced in Marvel’s Darth Vader comics, who later went on to headline her own comic series.

Ward said that he’s also hearing that this is “a Lucasfilm-Marvel venture with both companies teaming up to bring a Star Wars show to the small screen.” However, there’s no word on if Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has any involvement in the series.

If you haven’t been following the Marvel Star Wars comics, Doctor Aphra is “a criminal archeologist working for the Dark Lord. Eventually, Aphra severed her ties with Vader and even crossed paths with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Her adventures are mostly confined to the classic trilogy era, but that doesn’t rule out the ability for her to crossover into the post-Return of the Jedi-era of The Mandalorian.”

They go on to also say that “Doctor Aphra is 100 percent happening, and may already be filming.” If that’s the case, the Doctor Aphra series is said to likely arrive on Disney+ in 2020.

What do you think about the possibility of Doctor Aphra getting her own Star Wars series? She’s certainly an interesting character that has some good stories!


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