Let's Talk About THE MANDALORIAN Chapter 12: 'The Siege' an Action-Filled Thrill Ride


They end up being chased down by a group of Stormtroopers on speeder bikes through some canyons, with Karga hopping on a big ass gun transport where he proceeds to blast one of the Stormtroopers who was on their tail. The others raced ahead out of range of the transport blaster.

Dune ends up smashing one of the two remaining Stormtrooper into the canyon wall while the other jumps on board with a thermal grenade, which he is planning to drop inside, but before he can, Karga blows him away. Then, right before the base blows up, a group of TIE Fighters race into action coming after Dune and the other.

Those TIE Fighters start chasing the group into the canyon. This whole sequence is just full-on Star Wars action bliss. I love these sequences! Karga is having a rough time trying to shoot the TIE Fighters down as the action intensifies, The Mando flies into action with his newly-repaired Razor crest and The Child, and he takes the TIE Fighters out! This was such a cool dogfight sequence. It was also great seeing The Child enjoying the ride.

After their latest adventure, Mando is off to continue his journey to find Ahsoka. Karga is then later questioned by Captain Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) about the base exploding and when asked about the Razor Crest’s appearance on the planet, Karga downplays everything in his answers.

Teva goes on to compliment Cara Dune for her work cleaning up Navorro and offers her a position in the New Republic, and she declines. In their conversation, he also references her homeworld of Alderaan, and shares that he served during that time and proceeds to ask if she lost anyone. She says that she lost everyone. After showing some sympathy for her loss, Teva leaves behind a Republic badge for her just in case she changes her mind.


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