Let's Talk About LEGO MASTERS Episode 8 – "Good Vs. Evil"


OK, for me it was a real toss up between Mark & Boone’s build and Tyler & Amy’s build. I loved both of the builds so much. I felt like Mark & Boone’s was maybe a little more unique and creative with the pizza monster thing. That’s why I was a little shocked when Tyler & Amy beat them overall. Both teams did great though, and I will be shocked if Sam & Jessica end up taking home the gold. They’re good, but I feel like Mark & Boone and Tyler & Amy are better.

Did anyone else notice the stark contrast between the two teams? Mark & Boone with Sam & Jessica seemed a lot more cooperative and chummy while Aaron & Christian and Tyler & Amy were almost begrudgingly working together. You kept hearing from both teams that they had to work together, but it was still a competition. Maybe it was just because Mark & Boone weren’t really needing to compete since they had the Golden Brick, and so they didn’t care as much?

In the end, I think the judges did make the right call about cutting Aaron & Christian. They’re fantastic builders, and if the competition was more about technical builds, I think they should’ve stayed. However, they seem to really struggle with the story aspects on a lot of their builds. Sam & Jessica may have less polished builds, but they have gotten a lot better at telling stories with their builds.

Can we take a minute to talk about how amazing Terry Crews was as a guest? It was absolutely incredible! Best guest appearance yet.

I cannot wait to see what the teams do next week for their Star Wars builds in the finale. It looks like many of the droids will be paying a visit, but I wonder if anyone else like Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford will stop by.


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