Kylo Ren May Be Getting His Helmet Back in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX and There are Rumors of a New Droid

I’m sure you all remember in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren threw a temper tantrum after being chastised by Supreme Leader Snoke and smashed his helmet to pieces. For those of you wondering if the villain would wear the helmet again in Star Wars: Episode IX, according to Making Star Wars, the answer is yes.

It’s explained below that the helmet will be reforged using a red crystalline bonding material:

“Sources have said they saw Kylo Ren with the reforged mask on in various stages of dress, which also means we can’t yet say how often he wears the helmet, so if this news disappoints you, try to keep that in mind. To them it looked like the mask was pieced back together using some kind of red crystalline bonding material. The visual gave the mask ‘a very corrupted look.’ A little Kylo, a little Vader, and maybe even with a hint of Maul’s facial stylings.”

I like that! That could give the character a really cool look and if this is true, I’m curious and excited to see this new look!

When previously talking about the return of Kylo Ren, Driver teased, “We’re working toward something in particular with that character. I don’t want to give anything away.”

We have no idea what they are working toward, but it’s going to be interesting to see how his story arc plays out and comes to an end. What would you all like to see happen with Kylo Ren in Episode IX? What do you think Abrams does have planned for him?

It’s was also reported that BB-8 will be getting a new droid sidekick in Episode IX. Apparently the droid’s name is D.O. or Dio, and it has been compared to a megaphone. It’s said that the people working on the film say the the little droid sprung from sort of an ugly duckling idea in that “the droid treated BB-8 as a parent and was very attached to him.” It’s then explained:

It sounded like he interfaced with BB-8 and someone thought the mechanism created for lightsaber storage in The Force Awakens that was never used in that film was redesigned to actually house D.O./Dio according to content seen by another source.

We don’t really know much about Episode IX, so it’s fun to get little details to discuss like this every now and then.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to hit theaters on December 20th, 2019.

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