Kevin Smith Details Zack Snyder's Plan for the JUSTICE LEAGUE Trilogy

Justice League ended up being a major disappointment to everyone. You can blame Zack Snyder, Joss Whedon, Warner Bros, whoever (I’m guessing you’ll choose one or both of the latter two). There’s no denying that it was not as good as it could have been, nor should have been. That being said, there is a multitude of fans clamoring for the legendary Snyder cut of the film. I don’t expect that to ever end. I also don’t expect that version of the film to ever be released. However, Kevin Smith recently found out more about Snyder’s vision for the Justice League films.

Smith was visiting the set of Star Wars: Episode IX in England and while there he met people who worked on both versions of Justice League and he learned more about the vision Snyder had for a Justice League trilogy. You can see the video of Smith talking about it (Warning: NSFW Language) below, but here’s a brief summary of the plan.

First, movie one was going to have the same story where the League has to defeat Steppenwolf. There was a scene that was supposed to bring Green Lantern in though (more on that later), and Steppenwolf was going to get to his home planet via Boom Tube, through which the League would see Darkseid and gather that there’s something bigger out there. This would lead Justice League 2 into the cosmos and feature the Lantern Corps as the League went to Apokolips to bring the fight to Darkseid. This film would’ve ended in disaster and ruin similar to Infinity War or Empire Strikes Back. The third film was going to be the League fighting Darkseid and Apokolips’ forces and be like what Batman saw in his nightmare from Batman v Superman with the Earth being conquered and left desolate.

I think this sounds like a great vision, but alas, it sounds like we will never get to see it. My big question would’ve been the time frame for each of these films, especially the second and third ones. Would they just not release films between them, or were they going to introduce new heroes, or what was their plan there?

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