Kevin Feige Will NOT Be Replacing Kathleen Kennedy as Lucasfilm President


A few weeks ago a rumor surfaced surrounding Kathleen Kennedy possibly stepping down as Lucasfilm president. Not long after that, Deadline mentioned some additional rumors that Kevin Feige would be the new president of Lucasfilm. They noted that the speculation was “roundly denied”, but there’s still a lot of talk about Feige possibly taking over for Lucasfilm.

It doesn’t really make sense for Feige to do that, though, because he’s already got a huge franchise that he’s heading up that he loves. Why in the world would he want to take his attention away from Marvel to head up everything that Lucasfilm has got going on, like the Star Wars franchise?

According to /Film, Kennedy has no plans of stepping down as Lucasfilm president anytime soon and they asked Kevin Feige about the rumors of him taking over and if there was any truth to them. This was his reply:

“No. Only in my backyard with my action figures.”

So for those of you who were hoping that Kenndy would step down and be replaced by Feige, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not gonna happen.

Sure! it would have been interesting to see what Fiege would do with the Star Wars franchise! After seeing what he did with Marvel, I imagine he could do some pretty incredible things with Star Wars. That’s something we’ll probably never get to see happen, though. In a previous interview with io9, Feige was asked if he ever wanted to make a Star Wars film, and this is how he responded:

“I have two jobs: Running Marvel, being a big Marvel fan, and being a Star Wars nerd. Those are my two jobs. My house is full of Star Wars so I’m as big a Star Wars fan as there is. What’s great is, I’ve often said if I wasn’t making these Marvel movies I’d be waiting in line to see them but, and this must happen to you too, you’re behind the scenes, you see things, and you’re losing the purity of the experience of being a film fan. I’ve not lost that at all with Star Wars and I don’t want to lose that. I saw The Force Awakens at the premiere but I probably knew less than you about the movie. … The closest I have is sometimes, we were doing Doctor Strange in the vicinity where there were some Star Wars things starting to happen and sometimes I’d try to peek around a corner and see a piece of plywood being turned into a ship of some kind and geek out. So I like being the Star Wars fan that I am.”

So, he enjoys being a Star Wars fan just like the rest of us. In the end, Disney is very happy with what Kennedy has done with the Star Wars franchise. They are happy with the films that Lucasfilm has delivered, and they will probably work with Kennedy for as long as she wants to be a part of it. 


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