Jon Favreau Talks His Acting Future and His Favorite Acting Gig So Far


In a recent interview with THR, Jon Favreau got to talking all about his upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, and also had a lot to say about directing, acting, food, and more. While he has kept one foot in the directing and acting camps over the years, the films and series he has been directing have seemed to be bigger in scale that the acting projects he has taken on. So the interviewer asked him if he intended on continuing to pick up acting roles, since Iron Man and The Avengers are done for now. Favreau responded by saying:

Oh sure, I love doing that. And I learn because I get to be on other peoples’ sets. When I get to see the Russo brothers direct, it’s great. When I get to be on Jon Watts’ set for Spider-Man, I had more fun in his last Spider-Man than in any movie role I can remember.

That’s a pretty huge compliment considering the fun roles Favreau has gotten to play, like in the movies Swingers, Elf, Chef, the Star Wars and Avengers films, and his part on the hit series Friends. He goes on to say that he hopes that his good friend Robert Downey Jr. goes on to direct, now that he has some time on his hands. He thinks he would be a great director, and he’d love to be hired to be in one of his movies.

Hopefully this whole Sony/Marvel debacle can get worked out to we can see Favreau’s Happy Hogan reunited with Spider-Man once again. It just wouldn’t be the same without him! What’s your favorite Jon Favreau role?


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