John Boyega Would Have Preferred Finn's Story Arc in Colin Trevorrow's Scrapped STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Plans


As you know, before J.J. Abrams jumped on board Star Wars: Episode IX, director Colin Trevorrow was developing a story that he wanted to tell. His story didn’t seem to click with Lucasfilm, though, and he ended up parting ways with the project.

Since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released, a lot of details have been revealed for Trevorrow’s version of the story, which a lot of fans think would have been better than what Abrams delivered. His version of the film would have been titled Duel of the Fates and included Luke Skywalker haunting Kylo Ren.

The script also included a very different arc for John Boyega’s Finn. The concept art you see above was actually done for the film, and it revealed the character leading a rebellion, something that didn’t happen in The Rise of Skywalker. The art came with the description:

Finn was once going to lead a rebellion on Coruscant, giving him a vastly more satisfying story arc as a result. Here, we get to see him take the fight to the First Order, ending them once and for all with the help of those living in the city. 

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Boyega was asked about that story arc for his character and if he would have preferred that over what Abrams did. This was his response:

“I do actually. I think Colin Trevorrow was going to tell that story. The concept art in the Star Wars book has the image of Finn with the blue flag and the AT-ATs and they have them lined up in tribal marks and the Stormtroopers take off their helmets. That would’ve been sick. That would’ve been dope, man, hands down.”

You can see that piece of concept art that Boyega is talking about below. Boyega goes on to say that he’s open to seeing a similar story being told down the line, but it sounds like he just wants to watch it and not star in it:

“If they could do [that type of story] in TV, do all that kind of stuff, I would love to watch it.”

Trevorrow’s version of Episode IX seems like it would have been more interesting than what Abrams delivered, but what’s done is done.


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