John Boyega Is Sick of Secrets and Confirms Three STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Cameos


Here’s what Boyega revealed when he was asked about certain cameos:

“I’ve had enough with those secrets. They came on set. They were there. I’m sick of hiding it. I think it was leaked, anyway. There were images. Every time I get asked, I have to dodge it. I’m tired of dodging it. They were there. So was Tom Hardy.”

The one I was actually really curious about was Tom Hardy, so it’s awesome to see that is confirmed! According to the previous rumor, Hardy will play a trooper who recognizes John Boyega’s Finn as FN-2187 from before Finn defected from the First Order. Here’s a breakdown of how the scene will play out:

Finn will get quite the surprise as Hardy slaps him on the behind, completely unaware that he’s been spotted.

Thinking’s he been captured, Finn actually finds Hardy’s stormtrooper just remembers him from the First Order’s training days, and wants to catch up with his old friend.

Hardy then congratulates Finn on his apparent promotion as a Resistance Infiltrator, when actually he’s on their side.

Lucasfilm and the directors of these films are having fun throwing in big celebrity cameos. A couple of the big ones from The Force Awakens include Daniel Craig as the Stormtrooper that Rey hypnotized on Starkiller base, and Kevin Smith, who voiced a Stormtrooper.

As for the two princes, there’s no word on how they might be utilized in the movie. What do you think about the confirmation of these three characters?

Via: Screen Daily


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