Here's a Fun Collection of Wes Anderson Inspired STAR WARS Action Figure Commissioned By Patton Oswalt

I’m pretty sure hardly any of you have ever wondered what a Wes Anderson Star Wars movie might be like, but thanks to a collection of custom-made action figures, now we know! The figures were created by Sillof and these were commissioned by actor and comedian Patton Oswalt. The project is called The War Galactic.

We’ve shared a lot of custom-made figures created by Sillof over the years like his Mad Max/Star Wars figures, Justice League Gaslamp figures, Medieval Justice League figures, Medieval Star Wars figures, and more.

When talking about the work that he put into creating this series of figures that included writing a 7-page script, he said:

“I knew I did not want to simply have the father Royal Tenebaum dressed in black like Darth Vader or do a Bill Murray as Obi Wan.  I have worked as a production designer and art director on films, so I decided to tackle this project the way I would if I was lucky enough to work on a Wes Anderson film. I started with a 7-page script that I wrote that allowed me to create a complete narrative with the archetypal characters of Star Wars but in a Wes Anderson style world and story.”

The artist also provided an extensive breakdown of the characters on his website, but first you should watch this video that was put together showing off the figures in a fun Wes Anderson kind of way!

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