Hasbro Launches Their Own Toy Crowdfunding Division with a Massive Recreation of Jabba's Sail Barge


Over the weekend, Hasbro announced a new Hasbro toy crowdfunding division called Haslab. This is a crowdsourcing program that will give the fans the power to pretty much greenlight toy projects. 

The program is being kicked off with one hell of an awesome Star Wars project! It’s a 4-foot-long, 14lb detailed recreation of Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna) from Return of the Jedi. This will be the largest Star Wars toy that they’ve ever created!

Curious about how this all works? Well, after Hasbro announces a project like this Sail Barge, if enough fans pre-order the toy by a certain date, they will actually make the toy and all of the backers of the project will exclusively get one. For the Sail Barge to get made, Haslab is asking for 5,000 pre-orders at $500 a pop before April 13th. If they don’t reach that goal then the toy won’t be made. Here are the details:

Measuring approximately 4ft long, this vast vehicle is a dream item for any Star Wars collection. Designed to captivate and inspire, The Vintage Collection Jabba’s Sail Barge (The Khetanna) features exquisitely detailed, fan accessible decks that complement 3.75-inch figures (not included) allowing fans and collectors to recreate intense battles in the Star Wars saga. Its removable side panels also offer a unique opportunity to pose and set up incredible dioramas. Complete with premium deco, vintage packaging, and soft cloth sails, this dream product offers Star Wars devotees the quality and realism they know and love. Included with the vehicle is Jabba the Hutt (3.75-inch scale figure).

This is a really interesting move for Hasbro and I wonder how successful it will be. The whole thing is being built around hardcore and passionate fans, who obviously have a good amount of cash to drop. This first collectible seems like ti will be worth it, though.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing what other projects that Hasbro will try to kickstart through this new Haslab program. What would you want to see?


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