First Impressions: STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 Is Everything The First Game Should've Been

As someone who hated the first Battlefront reboot, I’m 100% on board with Star Wars Battlefront 2. It legitimately feels like the team sucked up all the negative critique the first game received and worked to make sure that would no longer be a problem moving forward. Don’t let that fool you into thinking they’ve rehashed the game to be more like the classics though, but rather polished their original idea into an experience I put right up there alongside the original Battlefront games.

In our demo I played the Separatist army as we looked to lead an assault on Theed. Yes, the mode still moved like it was on rails like in the game prior, but while the objective was slowly advancing the battle progressed in a fluid way that made you feel like what was happening was more than just a slow progression of a siege. A lot of the credit for that goes towards the incentive of squad based battle.

Spawning with squad mates and following them into battle as opposed to going solo offers big rewards as points are accumulated towards getting advanced vehicles, troops, or the game changing heroes we’ve heard so much about. Sticking with a squad also allows for that cinematic quality of a big fight encounter that no entry in the series ever had. Put simply, it’s much more satisfying to take a section of the city with 3 or 4 soldiers alongside you than it is trying to go Rambo and sneaking along the corners.

The Rambo portions are still possible, but you’ll have to wait until you accumulate enough points to grab one of the many heroes available to you. Slashing through Clone Troopers like jelly is super satisfying as Darth Maul, and his multi character force choke ability makes you feel as though you’re a God amongst men. In fact, and I hate saying this because I don’t want him nerfed, but Maul did feel way more OP than some of the other heroes we saw in battle like Rey and Han Solo. That said whoever was playing Rey on the other team was just shredding our forces in the second phase of the assault, so I can’t really diss her character all that much.

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