Fan Creates Levitating Millenium Falcon That Will Make You Incredibly Jealous


Warning, this is gonna make you jealous. A Japanese Star Wars fan has created a levitating model of the Millennium Falcon that looks absolutely incredible. Take a look at the video and continue reading below…

I tried translating the text from the tweet but only got a very rough translation as to what went into creating this bad boy. See if you can’t figure it out from what Twitter gave me…

It is a completion of the Millennium Falcon. CREALEV, float 70 mm magnetic levitation system with floating, with wireless powered fire engine. Wired gate in Japan distributor of equipment co., Ltd. has produced in collaboration with the customer. It is at futako-jade 川蔦 shop home appliances

I don’t know if “fire” is a brand, but I guarantee it’s not the fire engine most of us are familiar with. I desperately wish this was commercially viable! I would love to have one in my office! Thanks to NerdApproved for showing this to us. 


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