Every Revenge Memory you need to see before Tonight’s Finale


In honor of the series finale of Revenge, we’re celebrating our favorite revenge-y moments from every single episode. The first three seasons are here now with all of Season 4 coming after the Revenge Series Finale airing Sunday, May 10, 2015. So jump in and relive all the memories of Emily Thorne, life in the Hamptons, the Infinity Box, the Stowaway, Sammy the dog and the Queen of the Hamptons, Victoria Grayson. Be sure to come back Monday for an epic tribute to every single episode of Revenge.

1. Meet Emily Thorne: “My father died an innocent man. Betrayed by the woman he loved. When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge.” And so we were introduced to Emily Thorne and the Queen of the Hamptons, Victoria Grayson. Check out this early revenge-y memory:

2. Stocking Up on Red Sharpies: In “Trust,” Emily breaks out her red Sharpie to take down one of Wall Street’s top hedge fund managers. The guy crossed her dad so he got crossed off her list. Gotta love that Red X! This is also the episode where a boat-buying Nolan asks Jack to be his buddy for the summer. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

3. Showing Conviction: In “Betrayal,” Emily takes down the slimy district attorney who convicted her father. We were also introduced to Daniel’s roomie from Harvard, Tyler Barrol. This was before we knew he was a gun-wielding wacko.

4. Psych!: In “Duplicity,” Michelle Banks is the psychiatrist responsible for institutionalizing a little girl named Amanda Clarke. Emily sets up videos from a website called HamptonsExposed.com to humiliate the not-so-good doctor at a charity tea. Banks tried to make a young girl believe her dad was a killer, so down she goes.

5. CRASH!: In “Guilt,” The body of Lydia Davis crushes the roof a taxi after falling from the sky above. Grayson security goon Frank gave her a nice little push off a balcony. That’s one way to catch a cab.

6. Dissed on the 4th of July: In “Intrigue,” the Porter boys crash the Grayson’s 4th of July bash. Declan has his eye on Charlotte, while Jack declares his feelings for Emily. The younger Porter gets a kiss. As for Jack, he gives Ems a heartfelt speech, but ultimately strikes out. These two falling in love just isn’t part of the plan.

7. Meet Amanda Clarke: In “Charade,” Grayson security goon Frank visits a strip club where one dancer catches his eye. She goes by the name Amanda Clarke. Frank knows she’s actually Emily Thorne—the real Emily Thorne. As a reward for his detective work, Frank gets whacked in the head with a tire iron and Amanda heads to the Hamptons.

8. A Shot of Jack: In “Treachery,” we learned that Amanda likes to mix up a drink called a Black Dahlia. She kinda likes Jack, too.

9. Mr. T: In “Suspicion,” Daniel introduces Emily to powerful CEO named Satoshi Takeda. As it turns out, Emily already knows the powerful Mr. T. He’s the guy who trained her on how to get all revenge-y on the Hamptons crowd.

10. Doggone It: In “Loyalty,” Amanda may have Jack believing she’s the girl from his youth, but she can’t fool Sammy. Jack and Amanda used to bury bottles of sea glass everywhere. Faux-manda can’t find the one that’s buried at the beach house. That’s because Jack dug it up the day after social services took her away. He kept it all these years because he knew that she promised to come back. Now that’s loyalty.

11. Party Crasher: In “Duress,” Tyler goes off his anti-psychotic meds (never good) to hold everyone hostage at Daniel’s birthday bash on the beach. Every party has a pooper! In the end, Ty gets taken away and blamed for Frank’s murder.

12. The Bow-Tied One: In “Infamy,” we learn that Mason Treadwell is the bestselling author of book detailing the life of David Clarke. The good news is that he made millions due to the success of this biography. The bad news is that his book of lies landed him on Emily Thorne’s hit list.

13. Sister Act: In “Commitment,” the Divine Miss Ems deals with the news that Charlotte Grayson is David Clarke’s biological daughter. She also recommits to her revenge-y ways when Victoria lies by saying her father forced himself on her.

14. Just Add Ice: In “Perception,” Charlotte begins her descent into drinking and pill-popping purgatory and Emily weasels her way into getting an invite to the Fire and Ice Ball.

15. A Shot in the Dark: In “Chaos,” Jack hears a gunshot as he races toward the beach. He finds Amanda hovering over a body bearing a bloody wound to the back. Later, Victoria believes Daniel is dead, but it’s just his psycho Harvard roomie, Tyler. Stay in school, kids.

16. Arrested Developments: In “Scandal,” Daniel is arrested for Tyler’s murder, but we learn that the real killer is Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda. Mr. T strikes again!

17. Kicking Butt and Getting Framed: In “Doubt,” we see Emily kick some serious butt when she pulverizes Lee, the guy who beat up Jack, in a back alley. She makes an imprint of his car keys for future use because, as usual, Emily Thorne has a plan.

18. Pretty as a Picture: In “Justice,” we catch sight of that unfinished portrait Dominik did of a young Vicky Harper and Emily learns that her dad wasn’t killed in a random prison knife fight. No, he was murdered by the Graysons.

19. The White Stuff: In “Absolution,” Emily learns that Conrad met with a mysterious white-haired man. He’s the guy that physically murdered her dad as the Graysons were pulling his strings.

20. The Guest/Red X List: In “Legacy,” some of the guests in attendance at a 2002 gala are Mason Treadwell, Bill Harmon, Senator Tom Kingsly and Dr. Michelle Banks. None of these folks had any clue that they would one day become the target of the young lady currently serving drinks, an undercover Emily Thorne.

21. Goodbye, Sammy: In “Grief,” Jack knows Sammy is dying. He doesn’t have it in him to say goodbye to his best friend in the world. He breaks down sobbing. Emily is also in tears as she recalls happier days when Sammy was just a puppy. It was a time when her dad was still alive. It was a time when a little boy named Jack was best friends with a little girl named Amanda. She never forgot those days.

22. An Explosive Development: In the Season 1 finale “Reckoning,” Emily and Daniel break up, Amanda is pregnant with Jack’s baby, Charlotte swallows a pharmacy of pills and Victoria, Lydia and a bunch of evidence that could have exonerated David Clarke board an exploding plane and Emily’s thought-to-be-dead mom may be alive. Okay, exhale.

23. Stayin’ Alive: In the Season 2 opener, we learn that Victoria is still alive. This is a trick she’ll use again.

24. First Aiden: In “Resurrection,” Emily wants to know what happened to her mother, but the white-haired man isn’t willing to dish. He’s going to kill her until… BANG! The white-haired man is shot from behind. Emily is shocked to see that the person who pulled the trigger is Aiden. We always liked that guy.

25. Taking Initiative: In “Confidence,” Victoria announces to the world that Charlotte is her daughter by David Clarke which makes Amanda Char’s half-sis. This bold move makes the Graysons more powerful than ever. We also hear that there’s a group out there called The Initiative. Wonder if they’re nice.

26. Blood on the Floor: In “Intuition,” Amanda shows up to her baby shower with a few old friends from the strip club. Victoria isn’t pleased to have such riff-raff in Grayson Manor, but did she really have to cause Amanda to do a header off the second floor?

27. Oh, Brothers: In “Forgiveness,” Jack gets involved with the evil Ryan brothers to help settle Declan’s debt and the bow-tied one, Mason Treadwell, doesn’t believe Amanda is who she says she is.

28. Proposals and Disposals: In “Illusion,” Jack sweetly proposes to Amanda and Conrad gets arrested during his wedding to Victoria. There goes the honeymoon.

29. Blonde Ambition: In “Penance,” Mason Treadwell stops by to see Emily to float a theory that she and Amanda were lovers back in their juvenile detention days. He believes he has a future best-seller in this tawdry tale of two vengeance-seeking blondes who tried to take down the Graysons. It does sound like good read.

30. Thanks, Mom: In “Lineage,” we see how Emily saved Ashley from a life in the flesh trade business. Also, Victoria’s estranged mother, Marion, arrives for Thanksgiving dinner. We learn about how this loathsome woman let her 15-year-old daughter take the fall for a murder she committed. Kinda makes you look at the queen in a whole new light, right?

31. Family Matters: In “Revelations,” Jack discovers that the Ryan brothers believe his dad killed their dad. Not good.

32. Judgment Day: In “Power,” the Red X is back when Emily takes down the wife-beating judge who dismissed the only juror who believed David Clarke might be an innocent man.

33. Carry On, Nolan: In “Sabotage,” we first learn about Nolan’s Carrion program. It would not be an ideal situation if that ever got out, as we’ll see in the Season 2 finale.

34. Dream Lovers: In “Collusion,” never has the phrase “torn between two lovers” seemed more fitting than it does in the case of Emily Thorne. She dreams of making love with Aiden. The fantasy then becomes one in which Daniel is her co-star. Love and revenge really don’t mix.

35. Young Love and Pipe Cleaner Rings: In “Union,” evil Initiative lady Helen Crowley doesn’t believe Victoria can truly kill a person in cold blood. BANG! Helen was wrong. In flashbacks, a young Amanda Clarke had a pretend wedding on the beach with her first true love. Her handsome groom was a young Jack Porter. She made rings made out of pipe cleaners to mark the happy occasion. We’ll hear this story a few more times.

36. Amanda’s Heroic Final Act: In “Sacrifice,” Amanda loses her life after a terrible explosion at sea. Before she dies, she makes Emily promise to take care of Jack and the baby. Emily recalls a time in juvenile detention when her friend told her that she loved her. She tearfully lets Amanda know that she loves her, too.

37. Back to Basics: In “Retribution,” Emily is out of control after having watched Amanda die in her arms at sea. She says, “The kind of punishment I came here for had nothing to do with prison.” Aiden realizes they are about to get back to basics. No distractions.

38. The Bird Is the Word: In “Illumination,” Nolan says a legendary hacker named the Falcon is back. He says this is the person who sealed David Clarke’s fate. Emily takes this news in stride. She now knows it’s time to go bird hunting.

39. Fostering Revenge: In “Victory,” the red X is back! Meredith Hayward ran the foster home where Ems resided back when she was Amanda Clarke. She was an abusive woman who used to lock kids in a cage. She also scammed agencies to make a small fortune off the plights of the children she menaced. Emily crosses out another target on her revengenda.

40. Party Crasher: In “Masquerade,” it’s time for the annual Grayson Masquerade Ball. The queen sifts through her RSVPs to find one postmarked from 1973. It’s supposedly from her long lost son. She was just a teen when she gave him away forever. The RSVP reads “expect the unexpected.” Yeah, it was a fun party.

41. Game On: In “Identity,” Nolan meets his hacker nemesis, the Falcon, who happens to be a woman. The two of them engage in an epic battle of the arcade game Street Fighter. Nolan set a world record back in ’88.

42. Finger on the Button: In “Engagement,” Carrion is activated. Uh oh.

43. BOOM!: In “Truth, Part 1,” all of New York City is plunged into darkness. Later, cell phones everywhere start pinging. The text message they all receive reads: Long Live David Clarke. Then… BOOM! An explosion at the Grayson Global building rocks the city. There’s devastation everywhere. Emily looks up helplessly fearing Jack was inside.

44. Will the Real Amanda Clarke Please Save Jack: In “Truth, Part 2,” we learn that it wasn’t Jack who was hurt in the building. It was Declan. He later dies at the hospital. Jack is devastated. He’s about to pull the desperate move of shooting Conrad when Emily reaches him. She says the only possible thing that could stop him. She tells him she’s the real Amanda Clarke.

45. Woman Overboard: In “Fear,” Season 3 begins with one, big question… Who shot Emily Thorne? It’s Daniel, but we won’t find that out until a lot later. It wasn’t the best way to start a marriage. One bullet hole can ruin an entire wedding dress.

46. Father Figure: In “Sin,” Emily goes after the priest slated to preside over her wedding. That’s gotta be bad karma even if the good Father used to be a really bad guy.

47. You Margaux, Girl: In “Confession,” Margaux starts to get chummy with Jack. It’ll never work out. She’s not the type of lady who would ever wear a pipe cleaner ring.

48. Standing Pat: In “Mercy,” Nolan shares a smooch with Victoria’s handsome other son, Patrick.  Afterwards, he channels his inner-Uncle Jesse by letting out a little “Have mercy.”

49. Gimme a Brake: In “Control,” Charlotte is blamed for cutting the brakes on her father’s car. Conrad forgives her, but the real brake breaker was actually his wife’s other son, Patrick. You thought your family had issues.

50. Wedding Plans: In “Dissolution,” Daniel’s old girlfriend, the one whose spine he broke back in the day (she’s okay now), comes back into the picture. Also, Emily reveals that she hopes to frame Victoria for her murder on the day she marries Daniel. Planning a wedding is never easy.

51. Get Bizzy: In “Resurgence,” Nolan gets a chance to exact revenge on Bizzy Preston. She’s the woman who destroyed any chance of him making amends with his father.

52. She was only Mostly Dead: In “Secrecy,” the thought-to-be-deceased Lydia Davis reappears. Dum, dum, dum!

53. Put a Ring on It: In “Surrender,” Aiden slips an engagement ring on Emily’s finger while underwater. Gotta give the guy props for creativity. It would have been the perfect proposal if only Ems wasn’t already scheduled to marry Daniel the next day. Nobody said marriage was easy.

54. Bad Grayson Manners: In “Exodus,” we finally catch up to the night Daniel shot Emily on the boat. Victoria also goes missing. These people really know how to party.

55. A Time to Remember: In “Homecoming,” an injured Emily suffers from Transient Global Amnesia. Yeah, it’s a thing. Only a kiss on the forehead from Jack can bring back her memory. True love’s kiss, perhaps? Anyway, Ems knows Daniel shot her. So far he’s not turning out to be such a great husband.

56. Oh, Put a Lydia On It: In “Endurance,” even though she knows Daniel shot her, Emily places the blame on Lydia Davis. Dum, dum, dum again!

57. The First Mrs. Grayson: In “Hatred,” the first Mrs. Grayson makes her first appearance. It’ll be the start of several showings for Stevie.

58. Hi, Mom! Bye, Dad!: In “Payback,” Patrick kills his no good dad and Stevie admits that she’s Jack’s mom. Can’t choose your family.

59. Comeback Time: In “Struggle,” Emily finally seems to be getting back on top of her revenge-y game after breaking down in tears with Aiden. The old double infinity sign renews her motivation.

60. French Dissed: In “Disgrace,” Pascal LeMarchal arrives from France just in time to be put on Emily’s Red X list.

61. All Bets are On: In “Addiction,” there’s a high stakes poker game during Casino Night that pits Emily versus Victoria. We say high stakes because Emily put down the engagement ring Daniel gave her to cover her bet. Oh, and she also used an old Grayson credit card to pay for the entire event.

62. Tie Died: In “Blood,” Mason Treadwell’s death is faked. Bow tie sales just took a big hit.

63. The Truth Comes Out: In “Allegiance,” Victoria discovers that archenemy Emily’s true motivation is getting revenge for David Clarke. We knew that all along.

64. Blades of Gory: In “Revolution,” Conrad pushes Pascal into the blades of a helicopter. Nevertheless, flying is still the safest form of travel.

65. Here’s Looking at You, Kidnap Victim: In “Impetus,” Jack is unwittingly pulled into Charlotte’s kidnapping. This will put a severe strain on their relationship in the future.

66. Goodbye Conrad and Aiden, Hello David Clarke: In the Season 3 finale “Execution,” we see the return of David Clarke and the death of Conrad and Aiden. As for Emily, she has Victoria locked away in a mental institution. Crazy, but true.

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