Edgar Wright's Working on Something "Crazy" and He Won't Tell Anyone What It Is


Edgar Wright is an amazing director and I have yet to be proved wrong. Baby Driver is getting a lot of positive buzz and a lot of fans are wondering what his next move will be. Recently during an interview with CNET, he was asked if he was interested in directing a Star Wars movie and he gave a curious response.

“I guess so, yeah. Yeah. I have something crazy, but I can’t tell you.”

When pushed a little further, saying that he could tell them he solidified his answer.

“No, I really can’t. You’ll see at Christmas.”

So, this comment made people super excited that Edgar Wright could be directing a Star Wars movie… except… it’s not that. When CNET posted a tweet asking the possibility that Edgar Wright could direct a Star Wars movie, he quickly tweet back saying no.

So that leads to the question of what is Wright working on? And how does the notion of directing a Star Wars movie have him respond in such a way? He has quite a vast knowledge and experience of Star Wars in the past, kinda. He did a TV series called Spaced, which has many Star Wars references. Could he be working on some other sort of project with Lucasfilm? Indiana Jones? Or perhaps a Star Wars TV series? Maybe Lucasfilm has an interest in producing the Simon and Garfunkel movie title cinematic universe? Just saying. What do you think it could be? Sound off below.


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