Does The STAR WARS Franchise Really Need "A Course Correction"?


There’s a recent report from Variety about J.J. Abrams looking to land a huge mega deal with a studio that will pretty much allow him to do whatever the hell he wants. Disney is one of the studios that is considering giving him what he wants.

Obviously there’s a good reason that they want him. They like what he’s done with the Star Wars franchise and he also has a close relationship with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Anyway, the article talks about Star Wars a bit and says that Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode IX is being considered a “course correction” for the franchise.

My question is… does the Star Wars franchise really need a course correction? I’m sure some of the haters of The Last Jedi will think so, but the number of fans who liked the film out weigh those who didn’t.

Personally I think Lucasfilm has done a great job with the franchise! I’ve enjoyed both of the saga films that have been made, but the “A Star Wars Story” films like Rogue One and Solo are my favorite films that have been made since Disney bought Lucasfilm.

Yeah, Solo was a disappointment at the box office for Disney as it didn’t meet their expectations but it wasn’t disastrous! $393 million at the box office aren’t the numbers of a failure. I just think that Lucasfilm has been on a good path.

It’s not like Lucasfilm is DC. Most of us can all see why DC needed a course direction, but the Star Wars franchise is not DC and they’ve consistently made great and successful films. Yes, I know not all of you will agree with me on that, but that’s ok.

Different opinions is what makes the world a fun and interesting place, so I’m totally open and respectful to yours.

That being said, Do you think that the Star Wars franchise really needs a course correction?


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