Disney Might Build a Interactive STAR WARS-Themed Starship Hotel


Have you ever wished you could live on a real Star Wars starship? Just chill out in the back playing chess with a Wookiee and then landing on some distant planet? Well, you can’t. But, Disney has been conducting surveys recently asking people if they would be interested in an interactive experience similar to that, having a hotel with rooms designed like starships and interactive experiences throughout the hotel. 

The concept is not in production but is something that Disney is possibly toying with. It would be tied in with the Star Wars-themed land that Disney is developing and in the hotel, there would be a cantina with possible droid bartenders, and swimming pools and other amenities including breakfast lunch and dinner buffets. You would also have an interactive experience building up a reputation in the hotel as well as throughout the park. Disney has already talked about doing something like this in the park but if the hotel also connected with the idea that would be cool. 

I love the idea of an immersive storytelling sort of thing like this. It’s fun to just escape sometimes. The price, however, is something else altogether. The proposed price would be around 800 to 1000 dollars. I love the idea of a starship just as much as anyone, but for that much, I almost think I could build one of my own. It will be interesting to see if Disney decides to continue with the idea or if it will end up turning into something else altogether. Only time will tell.


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