Disney Creating Real Blaster Tech, May Be Used at STAR WARS: GALAXY'S EDGE


Disney is known for making fantasy a reality in their theme parks. Well it looks like the mouse house has reportedly submitted a patent for some tech that replicates Star Wars-style blaster fire. It uses a series of small reflective surfaces to recreate the blaster fire as it travels through the air.

WDW News Today revealed this news coming off the heels of another patent submitted by Disney for technology that mimics the muzzle flash of a blaster. 

But what exactly will this light effect be used for? Some think it will be used in the Star Wars-themed “Galaxy’s Edge” theme park, but that has not been officially announced. Disney makes no mention of Star Wars in the patent request, but does use the phrase “blaster gun props.” 

“In the entertainment industry, there are many settings or venues where it is desirable to recreate scenes from popular movies often with live actors performing a scene from a movie,” the patent documents explain. “An often used lighting effect in movies is a streak or flash of light from various sources. For example, many futuristic movies include battles where the actors operate laser-based props, e.g., blaster gun props, which produce laser blasts. The laser blast beams in the movie travel through the air and may have the appearance of a volumetric ball or slug of light, which may be red, green, blue, or another color, that travels from the actor’s weapon prop through the air in a line to its target.”

The blaster fire could be used during live shows or on some of the rides, but the patent application doesn’t guarantee that the blaster technology will actually be used. It is, however a hint that Disney is always innovating and could have something revolutionary planned for its Galaxy Edge park when it opens in 2019.

You can see more of the design plans here:



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