Disney CEO Explains He's Not Disappointed With STAR WARS, But Feels That "Less Is More"

After Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up becoming the least successful Star Wars film under the Disney banner, Lucasfilm and Disney started making big changes for the future of the franchise. They drastically cut down the amount of Star Wars films they would be releasing.

When Disney and Lucasfilm first teamed up and started planning the future they were going to start with one film per year and then move up to two per year. As a fan, this is something that I was excited about and looking forward to! Well, now Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to release one every two years starting in 2022, then two others being released in 2024 and 2026.

A lot of fans feel that this move is because Disney has been disappointed with the franchise, but according to CEO Bob Iger, that’s not the case. He explains that they feel less is more:

“I have not said they were disappointing in any way. I have not said that I am disappointed in performance. I just think there’s something so special about Star Wars films and less is more.”

As much as I’ve enjoyed the Star Wars films that have been made, there’s certainly some truth to that. I just hope that this lower number of films that are being planned end up being vastly superior to what they’ve been releasing. With more time to develop these projects and time to find the right talent to develop them, I hope we start seeing films that will tell great stories!

Rian Johnson is currently working on a new trilogy, Marvel’s Kevin Feige is developing one, and the studio is currently looking for a filmmaker to replace David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones), who are no longer developing Star Wars projects for Lucasfilm.

What do you think about Iger’s comments in regards to the Star Wars franchise?

Source: Variety

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