Details on The Musical Score of THE MANDALORIAN and How it's Grittier, Edgier, and Different Than Other STAR WARS Music

The release of The Mandalorian on Disney+ is right around the corner! Star Wars fans all around the world are super excited for what this series is going to deliver and while we wait I’ve got some new information to share with you regarding the musical score of the series.

The music of Star Wars has always been one of the franchise’s major elements. The music is iconic and it has been embedded in our souls. John Williams is a master when it comes to writing and composing music, but… he didn’t do the music for The Mandalorian. No, the musical score for the series was created by Oscar-winning Black Panther, Creed, and Venom composer Ludwig Göransson.

He is a rising talent in the industry and during an interview with the LA Times, we learn about what he is bringing to the music of The Mandalorian. When creating the music for the series he came in wanting to do something different than anything that’s been done in the Star Wars franchise before. He explained:

“I wanted to get back to that nostalgic childhood memory I had watching ‘Star Wars’ and the excitement of seeing these kind of really amazing visuals and with music that sounds like it’s coming from other planets. The way I approached it was to try something completely different. The loneliness of a single solo flute. The bass recorder became the sound of the Mandalorian. That’s how I started. … I wanted the core soul to be organic. Then I wanted to add a tech sound to it. And I also wanted to add on a cinematic orchestra, which makes it feel like ‘Star Wars.’”

Sounds to me like the score will have a western vibe to it, especially with the sounds of a solo flute, which is perfect because The Mandalorian is pretty much a western. Executive producer and writer Jon Favreau wasn’t familiar with Göransson by name at first, but when Black Panther director Ryan Coogler praised the composer’s work, that all changed. It turns out, his style was exactly what Favreau was looking for. The filmmaker said:

“I was looking for something that was a little grittier, a little edgier and a little more tech-oriented, something that felt half-tech, half-classic. It was quite impressive how [Göransson] was able to incorporate everything that I was concerned with and then bring his own personality to make it extremely catchy and iconic and have all of the quality and breath of a ‘Star Wars’ score.”

Don’t expect to hear any recognizable cues from any of John Willaims music in this score for The Mandalorian. They wanted to do something different from the Star Wars norm, which I think it the right move. Favreau goes on to talk about how Göransson adapts to the projects he’s working on and that he doesn’t really have a signature style:

“He doesn’t necessarily have a signature style musically. His music adjusts to each story, and as a filmmaker that’s really compelling. … We have themes that recur throughout the eight episodes of the first season, but each episode is completely different. And he even recorded different end-credit music. We even loved the end-credit music so much that we built the whole visual language around the ending so that we can support the score that he would write.”

That’s pretty awesome! Göransson is obviously a talented individual and I can’t wait to hear the music he has created for The Mandalorian in its entirety!

The Mandalorian premieres exclusively on Disney+ on November 12th and will debut a new episode weekly after that.

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