Darth Vader is Your Instructor in Trailer For VADER IMMORTAL: EPISODE II – A STAR WARS VR STORY


This looks like it could be fun! I don’t have any of the Occulus VR tech so I personally won’t be playing it anytime soon. But, if I had one, I’d definitely want to try this out!

Here’s the official description:

Vader Immortal is a three-part canonical Star Wars adventure that allows audiences to step into the role of a Force-sensitive smuggler recruited by Darth Vader himself. In Episode I, they learned how to use a lightsaber and explored the depths of Lord Vader’s castle.

In Episode II, audiences will learn the ways of the Force from the Sith Lord, and battle thrilling new Star Wars creatures while uncovering the secrets of Mustafar. They will also have the opportunity to hone their skills in Lightsaber Dojo II — a standalone training mode that combines lightsaber combat and Force powers for the first time in virtual reality.

During an interview with StarWars.com, director Ben Snow talked about the second chapter of the series, saying:

“In Episode II we discover that Mustafar has its own powerful crystals that powered their technology. The Bright Star is one of those, but so exceptionally powerful that it was revered as a holy relic by the Mustafarian tribe we meet in Vader Immortal. Its power had attracted the attention of Lady Corvax, with disastrous results, and legend has it that she locked it away deep in the fortress.”

Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin went on to say:

“The fortress contains what may be the key to something Vader has been searching for for almost two decades. Something that his master, Palpatine, promised him but never delivered on.”

What is that promise? Well, as you know, Vader wanted to learn how to resurrect people from the dead, like Padme, and Palpatine even said to him, “To cheat death is a power only one has achieved, but if we work together, I know we can discover the secret.” Well, just have to wait and see how this story ends up playing out.


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