Cool Pitch Video For a New STAR WAR Space Shooter Game


For those of you who have been longing for a new Star Wars space shooter video game, you’ve gotta check out this pitch video created by the studio who previously brought us Rebel Galaxy. This pitch video was created in 2016 and was shown to EA Games.

The team behind the creation of the pitch was Double Damage, which was headed up by Travis Baldree, and when talking about it he told Kotaku:

“This was back in 2016, and we pitched a modernized take on X-Wing with all the classic bits. It was a long-shot, and we had near-nil hopes that it would be seriously considered, but we probably did it to please ourselves rather than out of any hope that it would get greenlit.”

According to the report, the idea for the game was “to retain the idea of a campaign, but also adjust the old X-Wing formula to suit modern audiences, like adding pilot aids and control modifications to suit control pads, as well as adding the ability to save a mission’s progress at any point.”

It took the team 2 to 3 weeks to create this video and made it using assets that where “cobbled together from a variety of sources” He went on to say that “EA was very gracious in listening, but it never came to anything, and we moved on.”

I would have played the shit out of this! 


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