Check Out This Massive RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK LEGO Diorama That Brings the Opening Sequence to Life


LEGO Master Builder Caleb Watson is such a big fan of the Indiana Jones film franchise that he built a massive LEGO diorama of the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and as you’ll see in the video below, it’s super impressive!

This creation took over 300 hours to build. It’s 8-feet long, it’s motorized, includes moving LEGO minifigs, and also features some fun Easter eggs referencing some of the other Indiana Jones films and Star Wars. The detail put into every aspect of this LEGO diorama is so cool.

The Brothers Brick offered the following details:

Perhaps the most impressive parts are the complex mechanisms that Caleb developed to power each of the traps, which he designed with very clever self-correcting mechanisms in the gearing to keep things running smoothly, particularly the rolling boulder. For instance, the model actually employs two boulders, and only starts the rolling sequence once the first one has been fully recycled and returned to the starting position. Additionally, Indy is triggered to dodge the boulder by a hidden pressure plate that the boulder hits, meaning Caleb didn’t have to perfect the timing sequence to save Indy–he’s always perfectly in the nick of time, although it did take a lot of work to get the boulder path correct. “I worked on that section for months,” he tells TBB, “because to get the boulder to hit the pressure plates reliably, I had to adjust a single brick at a time to balance the functionality with the aesthetic of the rocky cave floor.”

I don’t know about you, but I think this thing belongs in a museum!


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