BLADE RUNNER 2049 Director Denis Villeneuve Expresses Interest in Helming a STAR WARS Film


Denis Villeneuve has emerged as one of the most talented filmmakers working in Hollywood right now. On top of his most recent film, Blade Runner 2049, he’s also directed Sicario, Arrival, and the upcoming Dune movie. But what would you think about seeing the filmmaker take on a Star Wars movie?

While appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the filmmaker actually expressed interest in jumping on board a Star Wars film, saying:

“It’s something that, again it’s like, I would be intrigued. I don’t know, it’s very difficult. What is dangerous with Star Wars right now is it’s become its own vocabulary. I would love to see them, I think Rogue One was a very interesting attempt to get out of the mold.

“I think it would be a great idea to get out of there and to go on a new part of the galaxy, that I would be open to.

I think it’s great that he’s interested in exploring something some kind of standalone Star Wars film outside of the classic saga. That’s definitely something that Lucasfilm is currently focused on doing. Solo: A Star Wars Story is the second film outside of the Skywalker saga that will be released and they’ve got more in the pipeline like the Obi-Wan Kenobi film. Then with Rian Johnson developing a new trilogy that takes place in another corner of the galaxy, that’s just going to open up more of the world creating more new story possibilities!

If Villeneuve is open to directing a Star Wars movie, it would be silly for Lucasfilm not to reach out to him and ask him to come aboard and see what he has in mind. I would love to see him write and direct a Star Wars movie! What do you think?

Via: Screen Rant


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