Ahsoka STAR WARS Novel Reveals the New Canon Reason Sith Lightsabers Are Red


Thanks to the latest Star Wars novel, Ahsoka, written by E.K. Johnston, we have our first in-canon explanation of why the lightsabers of those who follow the dark side are red. This has never been explained in the films, we just accepted it because red is a villainous color, but there’s so much more to it than that, and it’s different from the previous expanded universe explanation. In the expanded universe red sabers are powered by synthetically made crystals which the Sith use because the Jedi had control of all the natural sources.

ScreenRant recently posted a list of fifteen things revealed in the novel, and this was one of the more interesting. I’m sure some of you have wondered why the Sith are never carrying around blue or green lightsabers, and the new answer is… because they simply can’t. Here’s the explanation:

Kyber crystals choose Force users and present themselves to their desired owner, but darksiders don’t experience this same connection to the crystals. The only way the Sith and other dark side Force users can collect kyber crystals is by stealing them or plundering them off the bodies of their fallen foes. Even if a dark sider were to acquire a kyber crystal from a green or blue, the act of bending the crystal to their will in a new lightsaber will cause the crystal to “bleed,” turning it red.

I love the explanation that the Sith bending the crystal to their will causes it to bleed red. Kyber crystals can be found in several places in the Star Wars universe, including Jedha, which was featured in the most recent trailer for Rogue One. I imagine those crystals are the reason The Empire invades Jedha in the first place.

The book also drops a couple of details about the eighteen years Obi-Wan Kenobi was in exile on Tatooine. In the story we learn that Obi-Wan uses the force to briefly make contact with his deceased master, Qui-Gon Jinn. He also visits the grave of Anakin Skywalker’s mother, Shmi, where he apologizes for not being able to keep Anakin from turning to the dark side.

What do you think of the new canon explanation? 


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