6 Things Thor Wants You to Know About Avengers: Age of Ultron

6 Things Thor Wants You to Know About 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

The Avengers return to the big screen on May 1 in Avengers: Age of Ultron, one of this year’s biggest and most anticipated sequels. To get you all caught up on the current status of your favorite Marvel heroes — like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and the Hulk — Fandango took a little trip to the film’s London set, where we got the skinny straight from the marvelous cast themselves. We’ve already grilledRobert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Mark Ruffalo (the Hulk) and director Joss Whedon, and now it’s Chris Hemsworth’s turn.

That’s right, here are six things Thor wants you to know about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

1. What Thor’s Been Doing Since Thor: The Dark World

Now that he’s more accustomed to hangin’ out on Earth, Thor decided to stick around for awhile following the events of Thor: The Dark World. Yes folks, there is a god who walks among us… but don’t ask him where he buys his street clothes. “I think he’s more human in the film, definitely,” Hemsworth tells us. “I walked on set during a party scene and I was in a nice coat and jeans and the guys just kept joking about when did Thor go shopping?  Did he buy this online or did Jane do it, or did he actually go shopping? You don’t see him go shopping but the question’s raised because he’s not dressed in his Asgardian attire.

Fan Fact: So now that Thor is just chillin’ on Earth, does that mean we’ll see him going to the movies with his girlfriend, Jane (Natalie Portman)? “Yeah, I pitched that! I did. But no.” Hemsworth jokes.


2. Thor Doesn’t Believe The Avengers Are Going to Win This One

“It’s just an onslaught and it doesn’t stop.” That’s how Hemsworth describes the action in Age of Ultron, which finds our returning roster of heroes (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Hulk, among others) up against a seemingly indestructable villain in the ever-evolving Ultron — and, according to the trailer and new poster, a bevy of Ultron clones, too. “I think he openly admits, ‘I don’t think we’re going to win this one,’ Hemsworth says. “The threat is so great that I think all of them are sort of scratching their heads going, ‘Is this it?’ rather than, ‘Okay, we have to kill this many things.'”

He’s referencing the end of Marvel’s The Avengers, which found our heroes battling an invading alien race. In that movie it was more about picking the aliens off one by one, eventually closing the interdimensional portal they’re traveling through. In Age of Ultron, it’s a much tougher threat, and we get the sense that this is a very scary scenario for the Avengers to face. “It’s sort of an open floodgate and what it could also set in motion is an even bigger threat,” Hemsworth reveals. “I think that’s what Thor’s kind of stuck on or where his attention certainly is, an even bigger picture of Thor being from Asgard. He can just say, ‘Hang on, there’s a whole universe here which is signaling something else.'”

Fan Fact: As for the villain Ultron (voiced by James Spader), he was created in-house by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) in an effort to make it so the Avengers weren’t needed anymore. Think of Ultron as a kind of Frankenstein; an invention that sounds great on paper, but turns out far worse than anyone could’ve imagined. As director Joss Whedon puts it: “There’s a lot of people, whether they’re trying to do good or bad, who think they have the next big idea. And the next big idea is usually a very bad one. “


3. Thor’s Brother Loki Is Still Causing Trouble for His Superhero Friends

At the end of Thor: The Dark World, it was revealed that Loki had taken over the throne on Asgard, no doubt with nefarious plans on his agenda. But do those plans factor into Avengers: Age of Ultron considering Ultron is the main villain and not Loki?

Well, we do know that Tom Hiddleston (who plays Loki) will make a brief appearance in Age of Ultron, and according to Thor there may be a bigger plan in play that will eventually lead back to Asgard. “Up until the third act or sort of halfway through [Age of Ultron] he begins to have suspicions about what’s going on here or what this bigger picture is and who’s involved,” he reveals. “[Thor] doesn’t know by the end of [the film], but he starts to think something’s not right here. This is all a little too convenient why this has happened, which certainly points his focus back [to Asgard].

Fan Fact: Hemsworth told us he’s actually happy that Loki isn’t a major problem for him this time around. “I love working with Tom, and it’s great having such a personal kind of attachment to the villain, but I wouldn’t have wanted to repeat that either,” he says. “It’s nice to just do something different.”


4. Thor Will Be Flying More and Ripping Cars in Half… Ya Know, Because He’s a God

Right before we spoke to Hemsworth, we watched him punch and kick his way through a fight with a new character called the Vision, played by Paul Bettany. Since Vision is of equal strength to someone with Thor’s god-like powers, hand-to-hand combat makes sense. But according to Hemsworth, he’ll be flexing his god-like muscles a bit more this time around. “I said, ‘You know, let’s make sure he’s picking up cars and throwing them and ripping things in half and spending a bit more time up in the air and using the elements as opposed to being stuck in a hand-to-hand fist fight with the bad guys,’” he tells us. “I think it keeps getting amped up and then the stunts become more elaborate. Yeah, we see [Thor] fly a bit more.”

Fan Fact: Thor may be more of a godly badass in the Avengers sequel, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t funny, too. “He’s loosened up a bit,” Hemsworth admits. “So there’s more humor in Thor. Because he’s been on earth, he’s a little more accessible now. He’s off Asgard, so he doesn’t have to be as regal and kingly as he is in that world, which is nice.”


5. Thor’s Favorite Avenger is…

Well, according to Hemsworth it’s — drum roll please — Iron Man. “I love the fun Tony gets to have with that character and the lack of boundaries I think he’s getting,” he tells us. “He has room to move so much and do so many things yet always bring it back and be personal and grounded at times no matter how sort of zany it can get. I just love watching Robert work in this setting, he’s pretty special.”

Fan Fact: That image of Tony Stark above is from the brand new Iron Man character poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Check out the full poster below.


6. Thor Isn’t Dying Just Yet

Fear not, Marvel fans — Thor is sticking around for at least a few more movies, despite the fact that in the comics Thor is now a woman. But does Hemsworth know when and how his time with Marvel will come to an end? “I have asked the question but the truth is no one has the answer yet.  We don’t know how it’s going to end and the biggest concern is this one here, more so than two or three films in time. I’m sure they’re coming up with ideas and attempting to have some arrangement that five or six years down the track they go, “Okay, this is where we’re heading.”

Fan Fact: According to Hemsworth, Marvel is so secretive when it comes to their future plans that he usually doesn’t find out stuff till the day before. Or in the case of the fight scene between Thor and the Vision…  “Oh, we learned it this morning,” Hemsworth says while laughing.


Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1. Stay tuned to Fandango as we’ll have more from the set — including interviews with Chris Evans (Captain America) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) — coming real soon. In the meantime, watch the latest trailer below.


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